Why trust LJK with your career?

Personalized Service:

We build relationships by talking with people and getting to know them.

All people are unique. Each person has different career aspirations, unique life requirements, and goals. LJK prides itself in spending time with each information security professional to better understand what opportunities would be of specific interest to them, and be best suited for their career. We believe that the candidate should drive their interview process, and it is our responsibility to help guide them, based on our marketplace knowledge, so that can select which opportunities are best suited for their goals.


The interview process should be an educational experience.

We believe that our candidates should utilize the interview process as a learning experience, independent of outcome. By committing to engaging in a search candidates should be entitled to receive visibility into their job search process. This will consist of regular updates on the search, candid and timely interview feedback, market compensation analysis, and insight into the selection process.

By providing transparency, our candidates have the ability to utilize this experience for their benefit and apply it to their future interview processes.

Information Security Industry Knowledge:

Your recruiter should understand exactly what you do.

Since 1999, LJK has exclusively focuses on the information security industry and its professionals. Due to this focus, the recruitment team at LJK is in a unique position to understand the nuances and intricacies of the information security profession. In the simplest sense, LJK’s recruitment team is both bright and experienced enough to understand which specific opportunities would enhance an individual candidate’s career.

Committed Clients:

LJK’s clients are serious about hiring talent.

Almost all of LJK’s searches are retained. What that means is that LJK’s clients have trusted LJK exclusively with the management of the recruitment process for their search and have paid for this service. In simpler terms, by retaining LJK they are making a statement that both information security and the filling of this position are important to them.

Under this relationship, LJK’s clients provide them with unprecedented access to the decision makers in the hiring process, enabling LJK to better communicate the client’s needs to our candidates. This level of access enables the candidate to receive better information regarding the opportunity, the client’s culture, and the interview process in general, making the time they invest more productive.

Access to “Hidden Opportunities”:

Our clients have a sense of urgency.

When a client engages LJK it is often due to the fact that a pressing need or challenge has arisen, and they need attention quickly. For many of our clients, when we ask them the timetable for the search, the response is “Yesterday.”

What that means to our candidates is that our candidates have made the decision to streamline these searches by retaining LJK. In many of these instances, they have made the strategic decision to not advertise these needs based upon the need for privacy and discretion. When engaging LJK, the expectation is that we will contact a very specific subsection of our network and candidate pool to engage for these searches. In almost all of these cases, these searches prove to be excellent avenues for career acceleration.

Be a Part of LJK’s Network:

Trust is transitive.

When you get into the recruiting business, one of the appeals is the desire to help people. As a core function of recruiting, we help Information Security professionals get jobs and improve their careers, however it is often much more than that.

By building a trusted network throughout the information security industry, we often find ourselves in the position to help our candidates by putting them in touch with other members of our community. What we have found is that trust is transitive, and that by utilizing LJK as a common link, we are able to make warm introductions. Throughout the years, these introductions have served as the conduit to many meaningful long-term relationships that go well beyond the work place.

Industry Compensation Analysis and Negotiation Assistance:

We de-stress the negotiation process.

Compensation is usually one of the most stressful topics to discuss during an interview process. Candidates’ are faced with a complex problem – either request too little compensation and they may under value their skills or request too much money and they may price themselves out of the range for the opportunity.

This is where we can help.

By both understanding the market for specific information security talent, we are able to help our candidate’s come to a determination of their true market value and assist them in formulating logical compensation requests. Throughout the interview process we work in concert with both our candidates and our clients to formulate fair compensation parameters that will both value the candidate’s skill and respect our client’s principals. In the end, the final negotiation of terms is a designed to promote good feeling and a solid foundation for our candidate’s future employment.

Transition Assistance:

The way you leave a position is how you will be remembered.

The last part of changing jobs is leaving your existing one. LJK helps all of their candidates through their resignation process the correct way, so that they can both protect themselves and leave their current employer under the best possible terms. In many cases this includes guiding our candidates through the background investigation and reference processes. In addition, it may also include guiding our candidates though their resignation discussion with their current managers or helping them author a proper letter of resignation. It is our goal to help our candidates exit their current positions as professionally as possible, so they are remembered for their contributions, not their exit.

Ask Your Friends:

In the information security industry, word travels fast.

Since our formation in 1999, we have always tried our best to treat people the way that we would like to be treated if we were looking for a position. We have always done our very best to use this as our barometer for providing service and engaging with our candidates.

We encourage you to ask your industry peers about their experiences working with LJK in comparison to any other recruitment firm whom they have worked with during their career. It would be great if the questions that you asked included the topics previously listed. In addition, we would also like you to ask your friends about how they were treated and if they believe that they were communicated with both openly and honestly. While it is not always possible, we strive to make sure that every person who engages with our firm is treated with the same level of respect and professional courtesy; that we would like in return.