Client Challenges

The competition for talented information security professionals is intense.  Highly skilled information security professionals who have a keen understanding of current information security issues, a solid technical foundation, the ability to communicate to diverse audiences, and have a track record of success are greatly valued to their current employers.  These talented professionals are well respected, well recognized and well compensated in their current positions.     Due to these reasons, it becomes very difficult for external organizations to engage these talented information security professionals and entice them to become a member of their teams.

Talent Shortage

It has been well documented that there is negative unemployment for talented information security professionals.   What this means, is that there are more available information security opportunities than there are qualified applicants.

Many Options/Competition

Information security professionals know that they are in high demand and understand that this is a “sellers market.”  Many organizations are facing the same information security problems and are in need of similar talent to help solve them.  Competition is a factor in most any information security recruitment process.

Complex Skill Combinations

Successful information security professionals need to have a blend of skill sets that differentiate them from others professionals.  Successful information security professionals have to have a strong technical foundation, understand the core issues that impact the business, and have to be able to effectively communicate with diverse audiences.

An Industry of Specialists

All information security skill sets are not created equal, and within the industry there are many different nuances and specialties.   Organizations have to be able to clearly define and determine which skills are important to their organization, and understand how those specific skills are valued in the market place.

Evolution of Skill

Information security is a constantly evolving field.  The information security issues that are facing organizations today, were not in existence five years ago.   Skill and experience is sometimes not enough to be successful.  Successful information security professionals need to have the aptitude to evolve and the brains to be able to solve the future problems.


On many occasions, the need to hire information security professionals is a reaction to a pressing need.   It is often very difficult to activate a suitable candidate pool in a short period of time.  LJ Kushner’s active candidate relationships and marketplace knowledge enable our clients to leverage these relationships to engage a qualified candidate pool in a short amount of time.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Many information security job descriptions  and skill combinations are complex.  LJ Kushner and Associates ability to understand the skills that are important to our clients and necessary for success in these roles, enable our recruitment team to activate candidates who match these qualifications, screen out candidates who do not possess these qualities, and maximize the hiring manager and interviewing team’s time in the recruitment process.


To be successful in the recruitment of information security talent it is critical that there is a solid partnership between the hiring manager, the client’s internal recruitment team and LJ Kushner.  LJ Kushner and Associates recruitment methodology fosters this partnership and builds respected relationships that encourage cooperation and transparency. This approach fosters trust and provides a platform where all parties work in concert to achieve the collective goal; hiring the candidate.

Compensation Data

Whereas there are many services that provide broad corporate compensation data, many are not able to drill down on the specific compensation associated with the information security skills sets that they are attempting to attract.  LJ Kushner’s market knowledge of the information security industry enables their clients to understand the compensation necessary to attract the candidates that they are searching for.    By discussing this information prior to the search, the client has a better understanding of the caliber of candidates they are able to attract to their opportunity.

Candidate Knowledge

Information security professionals have many different motivations for changing positions.  By developing personal relationships with information security professionals throughout their career, LJ Kushner has the ability to provide their clients with an in depth understanding of why they may be interested in a particular opportunity.  A majority of our candidate relationships span between 5 and 10 years (some as many as 15).  In sharing this information with our clients, it provides the client with a higher likelihood of a successful conclusion to their interview process.


The information security industry is based on trust and confidence.  LJ Kushner and Associates, never broadcast’s our clients opportunities on any third party web site or even our own.    Our philosophy is that the information security recruitment process should be confidential and that candidates should be engaged in this manner, outside of the public domain.


Information security professionals are skeptical by nature (this is one of the core skills that make them good at their jobs).   By building an industry reputation based upon trust, confidence, and integrity, we have been able to develop trusted personal relationships with a large number of information security professionals.  As a result, information security professionals are very responsive to our introduction of new opportunities, because they know that we are not going to waste their time.  If they are not interested, they trust us enough to refer a colleague or peer who is capable of filling the role that we attempting to fill.