Client Services

LJ Kushner and Associates operates under the philosophy that different clients require different types of recruitment services.    In general, the attention, prioritization and time  that we provide to any search assignment is directly correlated to the level of commitment that our clients provide to our firm.   The way that we measure commitment at LJ Kushner and Associates is based upon a combination of exclusivity and financial commitment.

The main reason for this is our reputation for performance.

Since 1999, we have established a reputation for delivering quality information security professionals to our clients, with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency.   To maintain this level of success and customer satisfaction, we believe that it is essential to only accept assignments that we have the confidence, capacity and ability to complete in our client’s desired time frame.

Our ultimate goal is to insure our clients that if they are going to engage our firm for their information security searches, they are going to receive the service level that is best suited to address their needs    By working together with our clients to better understand how they are prioritizing their search, it enables us to help design a recruitment service that will enable them to achieve success.

From this we are able to offer our clients with four (4) different service offerings:

Retained Executive Search

This service is designed for clients who are looking to recruit a Chief Information Security Officer,  a Senior Information Security Leader, or a Senior Security Executive for a professional services or information security software company.  These types of search assignments require the greatest level of interaction and attention with our client, as we strategically partner with them to best define the role and the candidate pool for their opportunity.

Organization/Program Build

This service is designed for clients who have a need to develop either a full or partial information security program either from inception or reconstruction. Often, these assignments are a result of the hiring of a new Chief Information Security Officer or a Functional/Business Information Security Leader, who will need to hire a large amount of information security professionals in a defined time period.  These searches often encompass multiple skill sets, multiple locations, and talent levels. They require the largest amount of internal LJ Kushner and Associates resources and the highest degree of partnership.  During these engagements, we work together with our clients to build recruitment strategies and processes that will help them successfully achieve their goals.   Typically these assignments range from 10-30 people, and have durations between 4 months and a year.


This service is a blend between a retained search and a contingency search – therefore “Container”.  The service is generally geared to clients who are looking to either hire either a Mid Level Information Security professional, an experienced technical security subject matter expert,  or a small group of information security professionals in a short period of time.   In this service offering, the client provides LJ Kushner with a financial commitment equal to a portion of the estimated recruitment fee as a non-refundable deposit on the search assignment and a mutually agreed upon time duration of exclusivity for performance.   In turn, LJ Kushner guarantees to provide the client with dedicated senior information security recruiter to focus on the assignment, insuring attention and a high quality of service and a likelihood of success.


This service is designed for clients who have active recruitment needs for information security professionals and either do not have a sense of urgency to fill their roles, or have corporate policies that prohibit the payment of retainers.   When a client elects to engage LJ Kushner on a Contingency assignment their expectation for service should be significantly less than if they elected to utilize any of our other offerings.   Essentially, clients who compensate us for our time and our knowledge are given priority for their commitment.
We will accept contingency engagements for the following reasons:

  1.  The client and opportunities have unique appeal.
  2. The skills and location do not overlap with our retained clients needs.
  3. The expectation of service is confirmed and acceptable.
  4. We have a previous relationship with the hiring manager and have confidence in their abilities.