Through experience and success, LJ Kushner and Associates, has developed a recruitment methodology geared to produce results with a great degree of accuracy and efficiency.  This process has proven to be instrumental in the management of our clients’ time and resources.

Understand the Client’s Talent Problem

Information security hiring generally arises from three different scenarios – 1) Evolution – the client is initiating an new program or offering 2) Re-Tooling – the client is looking to elevate an existing function by injecting new talent and new ideas into the organization 3) Replacement – the client has just had a key employee leave or they had to terminate someone, and they are looking for someone to fill the void

Having been successful in supporting all three scenarios, we work with our clients to help frame the opportunity and create the proper marketplace presentation.

Job Description

We will work with our clients to better frame the job description that they are utilizing to fill the role, so that it better reflects the person and the skills that the client is looking for, and is designed to attract that person to the opportunity

Defining Obstacles

After the position has been defined and the job description agreed upon, through out experiences and candidate knowledge, we work with our clients to share with them the potential obstacles that they may face in attracting this talent.  By sharing this information, we are able to collective learn what can be overcome and what maybe insurmountable in the context of the assignment.

Assessment of the Candidate Pool

There are many factors in determining the appropriate information security candidate pool for any recruitment assignment.  Utilizing marketplace knowledge, compensation data, and the overall appeal of the opportunity, we work with our clients to provide them with a snapshot of the available candidate pool, and the types of profiles that they can expect to see for their opportunity.


This is what we do best.  We leverage our personal relationships with our candidates to engage them in the opportunity.  Understanding the candidate’s skills sets, experiences, career goals and personal make-up provides us with a good indication of the candidate’s fit for both the position’s requirements and the corporate culture.  We apply what we have learned about the opportunity and our client’s requirements to address any questions that our candidate’s may have as it relates to our client’s opportunity.


Once we receive the candidate’s confirmed interest in the opportunity, we will submit both a resume and executive bio to our client.  The executive bio is derived from a combination of our relationship with the candidate and our notes from our most recent pre-screening.  Between these two documents, the client receives a good indication of why the candidate would be a viable match for the opportunity and why they are interested in pursuit of the role.    They also receive baseline compensation information that they can apply to their recruitment process.

Manage the Interview Process

The LJ Kushner team works together with your internal recruitment team and human resources function to help schedule and manage the candidate’s interview process.  The candidate is made aware of their interview schedule and is provided the necessary background for them to understand their audience.  After the interview, we are able to process and share detailed feedback from the interview.   We also will take feedback from our client’s and share the feedback with our candidate

During the interview process, we share with our client’s anything that may be relevant to their ultimate success.  This can include new developments in their current position, timing issues, competing offers, or anything pertinent for our client to be able to make decisions and maximize their time.

Negotiate the Offer

When the candidate is selected, we will work directly with the candidate and the client’s internal team to help negotiate a fair and attractive offer to insure the placement of the candidate. We are able to share logical and relevant information with both our client and our candidate to insure that the positive feeling and enthusiasm is carried on throughout the negotiation process.

Manage the Transition

The time between the offer of employment and the candidate’s start date is often overlooked.  During this time, we work with our client to make sure that there is a constant flow of communication with the candidate.  Simultaneously, we stay in communication with the candidate, to help guide them through their resignation from their current employer and their eventual transition to our client’s team.