Why LJ Kushner?

Unparalleled Success

LJ Kushner has been successful with more customers and has placed more information security professionals than any other recruitment firm in the United States.  The firm’s clients range in size from Global organizations with over 100,000 employees to niche players with fewer than ten (10) employees.  The firm has provided specialized information security talent with leading established technology firms, and has been the source of talent for emerging security software companies who have become market leaders.  LJ Kushner has supported the information security recruitment efforts of large global professional services firms, and has introduced specialized information security talent to highly specialized information security services firms.  The firm has serviced clients in every major industry, and has produced talent in most major US geographies and many non traditional locations.

Information Security Industry Expertise

Information Security is a unique industry comprised of many different skills and specialties.  LJ Kushner and Associates is exclusively dedicated to understanding these skill combinations and effectively matching information security professionals with opportunities that they are both qualified for and align with their long term career goals.

Knowledgeable Information Security Recruitment Professionals

The LJK team has the most cumulative information security recruitment experience in the United States. This experience has enabled the firm and its professionals to establish credibility and trust within the information security community and amongst its professionals.

Extensive Long Term Candidate Relationships

Established in 1999, L.J. Kushner has been building relationships with information security professionals for over thirteen years.   Having the opportunity to work with information security professionals throughout the evolution of their careers, enables the recruitment team to better understand the information security professionals individual motivations in locating new opportunities and furthering their careers.

Proven Recruitment Methodology

LJ Kushner has built their success and reputation on their ability to deliver information security talent to their clients in both an accurate and efficient manner.    This can be attributed to the firm’s proprietary information security recruitment methodology.  By blending experience, industry and marketplace knowledge, and the professional management of the recruitment process, LJ Kushner is able to partner with their clients to solve their information security hiring problems.

Information Security Marketplace Knowledge

By dedicating itself exclusively to the information security industry, and having access to a broad spectrum of information security professionals, information security hiring managers, and internal recruitment teams. LJ Kushner is able to gain unique and relevant insight into the information security marketplace.  Understanding hiring trends, market demand, compensation requirements, and the motivations of information security professionals, enables LJ Kushner to provide specialized advisory services to both their clients and candidates during the information security recruitment process.

Personalized Service

While many recruitment firms have relied upon the internet to attract candidates to their client’s opportunities, LJ Kushner has chosen a different path.   From its inception, LJ Kushner has never posted their client’s positions on any third party website.    By rejecting this, LJ Kushner has directed candidates to regularly communicate with the members of their recruitment team,  In order to develop personal relationships and establish trust.  Through these interactions, LJ Kushner and its team of recruitment professionals have been able to provide career advice, guidance and direction to information security professionals  It is the level of depth of these trusted relationships that differentiate LJ Kushner from any of its competitors


Information security professionals have a high standard for ethics, integrity and confidentiality.  These values are key components of their personal make-up and essential to their success.  LJ Kushner’s information security recruitment professionals provide their candidates with a level of transparency to their recruitment processes and pride themselves on providing candid and timely feedback from their interviews.  This level of honesty has proven to be appreciated and respected by members of the information security community.